Head Lice Policy

Head Lice Policy

Head Lice can affect people from any socio-economic background and ethnicity and do not imply a lack of hygiene or cleanliness of the infested person.

In order to try and prevent other children becoming infected I have put together the following procedure. I hope that as Parents you too will work with me to prevent and treat the spread of head lice.

  1. No Child will be excluded from my care because they have head lice and I ask that all children and parents are sensitive and understanding towards the child. It is not their fault they have head lice.
  2. Request that all children with long hair wear their hair up to prevent the spread of Head Lice
  3. Request that parents check their children’s hair once a week with a special head lice comb to aid early detection.
  4. Request that parents inform me immediately if they have discovered that their child has head lice.
  5. I will provide information on the effective treatment and detection of Head Lice, via my portfolio.
  6. I will inform all parents using my service if a child has head lice but I will not say who to respect confidentiality.
  7. I am happy to support parents with the manual removal of head lice using a special comb, please discuss this with me.
  8. I will assist in the prevention of Head Lice by ensuring the children only use their own hairbrushes and combs and that the play dressing up hats are regularly cleaned.


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