Over 8’s Childminding Policy

Over 8’s Childminding Policy

As an Ofsted registered Childminder I am registered to care for 6 children under the age of 8 years. I am permitted to care for children aged 8 years and over, providing the care I provide for them doesn’t impact on the care for the children I am registered to care and providing it falls within the total number of children I am insured for. I am insured through the PACEY/Morton Michel to care for a maximum of 11 children.

I am happy to mind children aged 8 years and over and will provide them with age appropriate resources and a quiet area for studying if required, however I do require that they set an excellent role model for the other children in my care, being polite, saying please and thank you etc. I like the older children to work in partnership with me to write a child/childminder/parent agreement, like those often completed at school: school/parent/child agreements. This will be in addition to the normal childminding contract but will help the child(ren) to be more involved in their care arrangements.

I would never ask an older child to care or look after another minded child. I am fully responsible for all the children whilst they are in my care.


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